Your Dreams Will Illuminate Your Path

The Total Quantum Impact Process

Experience the most ground-breaking process for entrepreneurs ever. This is for the dreamers, the audacious and the limitless. What you can dream, you can do.

IQ + EQ + A = QI

We measure genius with IQ and must possess emotional intelligence (EQ) to experience strong personal connection. Action (A), or energy, as a catalyst at the right moment, releases the potential to realize our QI – our Quantum Impact. Our biggest dreams guide even the smallest goals that when achieved incrementally result in exponential impact.

It only takes one energized person with a dream, doing the right things to make a cosmic ripple.

Total Quantum Impact (TQI) process is a life changing experience which will clarify your dreams and give you a methodology to quantify and create a path to achieve them.

Mike Skrypnek will guide you and uncover the impact you were put on this planet to make.

TQI is a process that is only available to a limited nu