It all started with one question:

"How can I give $1 million to charity every year, while building a sustainable business and great life?" 



Mike found a path that lead him to success. He learned that he had to GROW his business and wealth. GET more freedom to enjoy his family and GIVE back to fulfill his impact-mindset.


To differentiate himself and GROW, he needed to build a Mountain of Credibility(TM).  

No more cold calling, no need for introductions. Attract the ideal client every time.


To GET more freedom to live, create and think he created his own Freedom Rules(TM).

Proceses to get the right employees, the ideal clients. Repeatable, predictable business. 


To GIVE back, he would turn profit into Big Impact Giving(TM).

Sharing values, authenticity and courage to connect. 



For his own BIG IMPACT he helped guide entrepreneurs and affluent families redirect $12.5 million in Big Impact Giving to charitable causes since 2012 and knows entrepreneurs will help grow this to over $100 million in the next decade.


Mike has shared his insights and knowledge with thousands of passionate entrepreneurs to gain top of mind positioning with their prospective customers and GROW their own unique business. Mike can teach anyone how to manage their time and their talent better to GET more freedom to enjoy their lives and GIVE back their family, community and causes that matter to them.

Life without passion and purpose is a life wasted. 

“The most successful entrepreneurs have a millionaire mindset and a road map to achievement. Mike clearly and thoughtfully helps his readers find their connection to their purpose and passion. The secrets to grow, get and give are written simply and powerfully. I recommend this as required reading for any entrepreneur.”

T. Harv Eker, #1 NY Times best-selling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Minds™ #secretsofthemillionaireminds

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