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A Process to Unleash Your Dreams

Dreams are achieved by those who know how to find leverage, scale, and freedom. As stated,

success lies in the doing, not just the dreaming. Breaking things down to their most simple elements will result in achievable goals, where incremental steps accumulate, and exponential impact is realized. The quantification of all steps is needed while repeatable, predictable processes are required to move efficiently toward achievement.

Empirical information will support the plan, while a financial analysis will help understand the investment needed and the reward anticipated for entrepreneurial pursuits. You have heard the most successful people say that “money” does not matter, try stepping in between them and their finances – you will soon learn the one thing they never leave to chance is the money. Not that this is their motivator, but that it is a priority measure, determinant and the currency needed to advance their strategic plans to achieve their dreams.

Vision without execution is just hallucination.

– Henry Ford

Probably one of the twentieth century’s most important innovators was Henry Ford. His vision of product, process and people applied to the manufacture of automobiles, led to the creation of the revolutionary assembly line. Henry Ford realised his dream of producing an automobile that was reasonably priced, reliable, and efficient with the introduction of the Model T in 19081. Starting with a dream to build a car using high quality durable parts that were standardized and could be assembled in sequence repeatedly for less cost and much quicker than other methods of the time, Ford was able to increase wages for his workers, mass produce affordable cars and effectively “put the world on wheels”.1 From the origin of this great le

ap in production, industries adopted the practice and changed rapidly.

To see a dream through to reality, process is needed. But how do you articulate your dreams in the first place?

Consider a process developed to entice the important dreams from your mind and heart. One that helps you navigate the biggest possibilities in your life spanning your personal, professional, and philanthropic visions for your best future and biggest impact. When we think of our future, too often we can only see it from within the confines and context of today. For most people it is hard to escape our current narrow viewpoint and expand our thinking beyond our physical, geographical, emotional, and financial reality.

When your dreams for your life are clear, quantifying that impact is the next step. Incorporating a methodology to delineate exactly what the “value” of those goals are in your life will help you link the reward with the investment needed to get there. Total Quantum Impact is the process designed to connect your dreams and sum value of their consequence. With this information, constructing the short-term goals and a path to achievement is easier.

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