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"Male aloneness is male disease"

- Frederick Marx, Academy Award nominated "Hoop Dreams" Producer


Right now, men are faced with unprecedented challenges to their well being.


4 out of 5 suicides of all people 30 to 60 years old are men!

Isolation, online interactions, a generational shift and changing or evolving roles in leadership, the workplace and at home have increased our desire to find community and connection with other men, while lowering our inclination to take the first step.


Stress, depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, substance abuse, and unfulfilling social connections all directly contribute to the major illnesses that put men's lives at risk.

One solution: 

"A men's social group is the most inexpensive and enjoyable way to begin reducing our mortality risk."  

-Mike Skrypnek

MenWORTHMeeting brings men together to benefit through interaction.

Our MenWORTHMeeting community consists of:

Business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, managers, frontline workers, professionals, community leaders, and professionals in entertainment, music and sport. 


We are based on the principles of what it means to be a GOOD MAN. Read it here.  

What is MenWORTHMeeting All About?


MenWorthMeeting is a men's only, bi-monthly, social gathering in a risk-free setting where you can engage in conversation about ideas, with peers in our global community. We share common ground, similar responsibilities, but not always the same viewpoints... and that is a good thing!


Enjoy discussion facilitated by Mike with topics ranging from business, science, tech, finance, personal or professional development and current affairs – locally or globally. Our members add value to each other sharing perspective, knowledge, community, network and support.  We build trust in an authentic, trustworthy group of men where vulnerability is valued asset.


This is a peer support group for anyone who needs it. MWM is a risk-free welcoming space to share if you choose or need to. Members have your back, look out for your best interests and respect your confidentiality. 


A digital library available* for all members with categorized insights and information from dozens of experts and industry leaders. (*Available late May 2023) Our past guest speaker series recordings are available exclusively for review in our members section. Members share what they are reading, where they are learning, and their wisdom generously and openly. Mastermind with peers for ideas & contacts to help personally, professionally & socially.


Our monthly ManWORTHMeeting guest speaker series is your exclusive opportunity to hear from male leaders and experts while participating in a private interactive session. MWM is developing a mentoring platform for healthy men in leadership to share wisdom and guidance with young men who will one day take their place in society. Members have exclusive front of the line access to the UNLimited WORTH Annual Leader Transformation Retreat.


Each MenWORTHMeeting - Global Leaders interactive group session occurs the second Tuesday of each month. Join our monthly ManWORTHMeeting guest speaker series the fourth Tuesday of the month. Members have unlimited access to our two monthly sessions. You are encouraged to bring a friend who can join us for one group session free. ALL ManWORTHMeeting guest speaker series events are exclusive to members or paying attendees.

MenWORTHMeeting Membership

Ensure you're hanging out with men worth meeting!

Your membership investment is only $25/month





Every month

A monthly men's group for industry leaders

Valid until canceled

Access to MenWORTHMeeting Global Leaders group sessions

Access to ManWORTHMeeting guest speaker series

Mentor Leadership Program (Coming late 2023)

Exclusive Access to MWM Digital Resource Library

Front of Line Access to Annual Leader Transformation Retreat

Become A Member


MenWORTHMeeting - Global Leaders

Monthly 90-minute online meeting


The 2nd Tuesday of each month

3:00pm to 4:30pm Pacific Time

ManWORTHMeeting - Guest Speaker Series:

Monthly 90-minute online meeting


The 4th Tuesday of each month

3:00pm to 4:30pm Pacific Time

Members ONLY Resources + Private Community

Confidential Members Chat

Digital Information Resource Library

ManWORTHMeeting Guest Speaker Series

Our ManWORTHMeeting guest speaker series takes place once a month and is usually held on the 4th Tuesday of each month. If you are not yet a member but would like to attend a future guest speaker event you may buy your ticket for an upcoming event below.


No upcoming events at the moment

Annual Leader Transformation Retreat

In-Person Annual MWM Leader Transformation Retreat

SEPT 28th, 29th, 30th and Oct 1st 2023

Whistler, BC, Canada

Early-Bird Registration opens April 2023 


More details to follow.

Email for More information


The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.

C.S. Lewis

Become part of our MenWORTHMeeting community

Who are you hanging with today? It's time to socialize with guys who'll have your back, get you, respect you and be straight with you. 

Upgrade your network to one with MenWORTHMeeting. 

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