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Something smells wrong…with your marketing.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to work with just those customers who value you and you enjoy? You know your IDEAL client? You have those perfect fit people, but do you know what attracted them to you in the first place? If you do, then your entire business should be full of them.

Since we’re talking about this, the good thing, is that you HAVE clients. But, alas, the truth is there is a wide mix of clients you serve. Why? Is it because your products or services are generic? Maybe you just appeal to everyone. Maybe you don’t know who to target or exactly how to reach them. The best customers make business easy, the others make it challenging. But you serve them all and focus your energy on this. Keeping your business afloat, paying your bills, afraid to offend or turn away anyone with a wallet and a heartbeat.

What does this do to your energy? Your time? Your money? But what is the secret?

One of the most important things I tell all my Grow Get Give Coaching clients is that in any business is you must market. You will learn this when you register for the Sea 2 Sky Summit October 7th and 8th. Entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and business owners must always be marketing. You must build a process, or system to market predictably, consistently and frequently. It must be finely tuned to attract your IDEAL client, but it is not just about attracting the people you want to serve, it is also about repelling those you don't, who don't like or won't buy your stuff.

In fact, if you truly believe you offer or provide something that you know will help others, make their lives better or easier, then you have a moral obligation to market to them.

Listen to a story about an 11 year old, Axe body spray and incredible insight that cemented my commitment to marketing to repel as much as attract.

If you’re a GIVING entrepreneur or business owner who is passionate about serving people, you either have a GROW your business - otherwise known as a sales & marketing - or messaging challenge or a GET more FREEDOM - or, a time & energy challenge.

Join us October 7th and 8th for a transformative business experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth. That is the Sea 2 Sky Summit in Squamish, BC go to

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