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Updated: Oct 6, 2022

The pain and hopelessness were so terrible. I had two choices to find relief.

End my life, or heal. I chose healing.

The ninth book, by Squamish, BC’s Mike Skrypnek, shares lessons of healing from childhood trauma, finding happiness, love and success for male leaders

[Squamish, BC, Canada Oct 4th, 2022] Men suffer silently for decades with hidden secrets of childhood trauma. Mike’s ninth book, “UNLimited WORTH”, now available on Amazon, urges readers to help themselves and others, seek professional help to resolve their childhood trauma, heal their pain and realize their UNLimited WORTH. Readers bear witness to the two events that revealed what limited Mike’s potential and defined his life; the day suicide became a viable option and the abuse forty years earlier that eroded his self-worth and held him back until treatment.

Our childhood traumas set hard-wired patterns in our minds to protect us. They embed as instincts that aren’t often helpful for personal or professional relationships - until we seek treatment and become aware. The emotions of shame, guilt, fear, anger, build and leave men feeling worthless and hopeless. Depression is growing rapidly among men, causing illness and killing them disproportionately. Male suicide rates 35-60 are four of five, over women. It must end.

Once the secret of trauma is revealed and treatment has been experienced, the universe opens up. The change is profound. Mike shares his immediate shift of energy and connection with others following immersive EMDR therapy. When traumatized children, now men, heal, great things happen. They spent their lives with a desperate need to be good men and feel loved. Healed, they understand they have UNLimited WORTH. “UNLimited WORTH smashes through the denial and suffering, moving the reader to willingness, open-mindedness and healing thereby creating more champions of recovery on every level. Thanks for doing what you do Mike and thanks for being a warrior!” - Mr. Stacey Petersen, Chief Executive Officer - Cedars at Cobble Hill Vancouver Island. Former Executive Director Fresh Start Recovery Centre, Calgary.

“UNLimited WORTH” tackles the often uncomfortable conversations for men in order to turn down the emotional temperature on important topics that need to be discussed. Mike will #normalizethenarrative so men and families who love them have space to share trauma experiences and mental health challenges in order to heal. Skrypnek is prepared and willing to endure the bright lights, so other men don’t have to. In return, he urges men share their struggles with two people: someone they love and trust and a professional therapist.

“There are two things we need in this world: better leaders and more healing. And, we can’t have one without the other. The only way we can transform our ability to have a positive impact on our world is to heal our trauma wounds, and we all have them. UNLimited WORTH will help you both heal and elevate. Begin or accelerate that journey right now by reading this book.” - Ryan Gottfredson, Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Success Mindset and The Elevated Leader

“I ‘m on a mission, to help millions of men and the families who love them. We must give good men the space they need to break their silence and heal,” said Skrypnek. “The darkness of depression and plans for suicide led to the healing that inspired me to step in to the light and take up the cause to normalize the narrative for men, their traumas and mental wellness.”

About Mike: Mike Skrypnek is a sought after keynote speaker, nine time author, business strategist and men’s mental wellness advocate. His keynote talks, courses, training, and transformative retreats help male industry leaders from the C-Suite, professional sports and the entertainment industry who lead in the boardroom, locker room, or green room. He teaches how to uncover and identify the hidden trauma-based limitations holding men back, while sharing top performance strategies to realize their UNLimited WORTH. Mike’s audacious goal is to help the boys of today become the great men of tomorrow by healing the men in leadership today. He lives, loves and adventures with his wife and their young adult children in the stunning Sea to Sky Corridor of British Columbia, Canada.

About The UNLimited WORTH Project: The UNLimited WORTH Project was launched to support Mike’s mission to change the lives of millions of men and the familiar who love them as they break their silence and get needed help for their childhood trauma. To reach leaders in the boardroom, locker room and green room, and every family who needs to hear this message to #normalizethenarrative, this project will leverage all possible avenues, including radio, TV, stages, streaming media, podcasts, film and more. The UNLimited WORTH Project will be accompanied by non-profit The UNLimited WORTH society to support and fund access for advocacy, education and treatment for men, mental health associations and family support networks.

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