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Updated: Oct 6, 2022

The pain and hopelessness were so terrible. I had two choices to find relief.

End my life, or heal. I chose healing.

The ninth book, by Squamish, BC’s Mike Skrypnek, shares lessons of healing from childhood trauma, finding happiness, love and success for male leaders

[Squamish, BC, Canada Oct 4th, 2022] Men suffer silently for decades with hidden secrets of childhood trauma. Mike’s ninth book, “UNLimited WORTH”, now available on Amazon, urges readers to help themselves and others, seek professional help to resolve their childhood trauma, heal their pain and realize their UNLimited WORTH. Readers bear witness to the two events that revealed what limited Mike’s potential and defined his life; the day suicide became a viable option and the abuse forty years earlier that eroded his self-worth and held him back until treatment.

Our childhood traumas set hard-wired patterns in our minds to protect us. They embed as instincts that aren’t often helpful for personal or professional relationships - until we seek treatment and become aware. The emotions of shame, guilt, fear, anger, build and leave men feeling worthless and hopeless. Depression is growing rapidly among men, causing illness and killing them disproportionately. Male suicide rates 35-60 are four of five, over women. It must end.

Once the secret of trauma is revealed and treatment has been experienced, the universe opens up. The change is profound. Mike shares his immediate shift of energy and connection with others following immersive EMDR therapy. When traumatized children, now men, heal, great things happen. They spent their lives with a desperate need to be good men and feel loved. Healed, they understand they have UNLimited WORTH. “UNLimited WORTH smashes through the denial and suffering, moving the reader to willingness, open-mindedness and healing thereby creating more champions of recovery on every level. Thanks for doing what you do Mike and thanks for being a warrior!” - Mr. Stacey Petersen, Chief Executive Officer - Ceda