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Impact Interrupted or Inspired?

People are feeling robbed right now. Kids aren’t getting graduations, contracts are being vaporized. The world stopped just as we were gearing up for the end of the first quarter. People work very hard in January and February, and are then usually rewarded in March of spring breaks and plans for relaxation and rejuvenation, and then this massive shut down occurred. Holly talks with Mike Skrypnek, coach, speaker and entrepreneur, about how impact has been interrupted and how we can adjust to get back in touch with our passions and set our impacts back on course.

Some of the questions they dive into: ·     How can we talk about restoring passion? ·     What are now the “could do” “should do” and “will do” things that go on your 2020 vision boards? ·     How can we honor this time of doing less better? ·     When the money is in place, where do you want your impact? ·     How do you give back to yourself in order to give to your community? ·     What are ways to relieve “busy brain”? ·     What do you see as high possibility industries coming out of this? ·     What questions should listeners ask if they are thinking about getting a coach?

This is an invitation to recommit to our passions. We have to make the best impact personally and professionally from this place.

These times are very revealing. For people now, these are the opportunities to realize where to realign and become focused on what motivates you and allows you to build a life around it. It can be the time to reconnect with the spirit.

In his book, Grow Get Give Life, Mike shares his philosophies that hold the keys to success that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs know, and he implemented, to achieve big impact in his life and the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs, advisors, business owners and the millionaire next door.

This is a period of time that people are going to go through a lot of stuff and seeking what their identities will be on the other side. Perhaps we are deconstructing to reconstruct. We didn’t get a choice about the deconstruction piece at this time. However, we do have a choice in the reconstruction phase.

Some of the possibilities could be technologies that put people in front of others without being in person, such as holographs. Retail experiences that help people shop without being in a crowded store. This may dissolve some of the human to human contact but will elevate when we do actually get to be in an in-person situation. Shopping experiences have changed drastically with the necessity of online shopping. The social requirements we have as humans are changed forever. It will be interesting to find out how people will want to get out and see other humans. How many people will actually go back to the jobs they had?

Coaching is a process of bringing the best out of people. One of the most important things to understand is how coachable a person is and are they going to have the humility to be coached. Those who are coaches also need to be able to surrender to their own paths to success. What is the next big goal?

Find out more about Mike at Remember, Mindful Matters and So Do You. Find mindful resources at

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