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Mike Skrypnek

Mike is the catalyst that helps spark purpose-driven entrepreneurs, executives and leaders with great potential to put their vision into action for big impact.


Intentionally adding energy at the right time, the right way, with the right person allows impact to go interstellar. 

When an entrepreneur is moved to action, they set off a cascade of impact. It can either be random and uncoordinated, or it can be strategic and powerful

The multiplier effect when they get that spark is incredible. In fact, it extends through generations. 

The right energy can set off a cosmic ripple effect. Mike is that catalyst. 

renown coach, eight time bestselling author and international speaker, Mike's Grow Get Give philosophy is a process that connects your personal and professional dreams with your philanthropic impact. 

Mike has helped guide entrepreneurs and affluent families to redirect million$ in Big Impact Giving to charitable causes.

He lives, loves and adventures in Squamish, BC, Canada with his wife Sherri and his two children.

"It is often ONE THING that will move entrepreneurs forward. Incremental steps can lead to exponential success. Our goal is to uncover that and lean in." 

Learning Experiences

One on One 


Perfect for impact-minded, mid-career business leaders, CEO's, owners & entrepreneurs. 


Custom, confidential and resourceful guidance for serious business impact


Mike has a genuine interest in helping you succeed.

Small group coaching/


Perfect for independent contractors, proprietors, in professional, personal service industries, often working with larger "umbrella" companies or agencies.


Maximum size groups of four allows the benefit of tailored coaching and increased efficiency of the mastermind.  

Events & Workshops

To GROW your business, build a Mountain of Credibility


To GET more freedom, learn your Freedom Rules

To GIVE back, establish a BIG IMPACT GIVING process.


Specialized intensive training for personal and professional success.  



There is no better positioning than that of the subject matter expert. 


Stand out above your competitors, attract more prospects, close more sales and dominate your market.


Master credibility marketing with Mike's Six Month Book Mastery Program

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Making More While Working Less.

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Make a Bigger Impact In Your Life.


Start living your GROW GET GIVE life today.

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Mike Skrypnek