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More freedom


Join Mike Skrypnek

We are on a journey - personally & professionally.

For passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs there is no separation.  

Our goal is to find happiness, achieve calm, give & receive love.

"WHAT! Hold on there, Mike. I’m in business. Why are we talking about LOVE? Seriously man, give your head a shake."

"I need more money, more energy, and more time

that’s what I need."

Sure, those things matter...quite a bit in fact.

However, we’ve made them so important that they are our biggest sources of limit, lack & fear.

Where are you today?

Are you feeling limited from achieving happiness?


Do you fear you won’t be able to enjoy calm?


Is your sense of lack keeping you from loving & being loved?


Happiness will enter our lives when we begin to grow our financial, physical & mental wealth while making our impact.


Have you ever seen a sad philanthropist?


Imagine the calm, when we have more time to create, innovate and live as we choose.


That is true freedom.


We will give & receive all the love we can imagine, when we invest our energy passionately pursuing our dreams.


Dreamers have open minds & big hearts. 


Wherever you are in this journey today, there are strategies, tactics & tools to deploy that can move you forward. 

Let’s discuss how I can help you move from where you are today to your happiness, calm &...yes.. LOVE

Learning Experiences

One on One 


Perfect for impact-minded, mid-career business leaders, CEO's, owners & entrepreneurs. 


Custom, confidential and resourceful guidance for serious business impact


Mike has a genuine interest in helping you succeed.

Small group coaching/


Perfect for independent contractors, proprietors, in professional, personal service industries, often working with larger "umbrella" companies or agencies.


Maximum size groups of four allows the benefit of tailored coaching and increased efficiency of the mastermind.  

Events & Workshops

To GROW your business, build a Mountain of Credibility


To GET more freedom, learn your Freedom Rules

To GIVE back, establish a BIG IMPACT GIVING process.


Specialized intensive training for personal and professional success.  



There is no better positioning than that of the subject matter expert. 


Stand out above your competitors, attract more prospects, close more sales and dominate your market.


Master credibility marketing with Mike's Six Month Book Mastery Program

Grow Get Give Reviews

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GROW Your Wealth 

Working With Your Ideal Clients.


Feel The Freedom Of

Making More While Working Less.

GIVE Back To

Make a Bigger Impact In Your Life.


Start living your GROW GET GIVE life today.

Either book a consultation or fill out the form!

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Decide every day to live a


lifestyle and make a big impact.

Mike Skrypnek

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