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Mike has a genuine interest in helping you succeed. 

His  GROW GET GIVE philosophy holds the keys to success for any entrepreneur.


Mike will first help you expand your dreams and quantify them to clarify your goals, with focus on a path to success.

He will help you GROW your Mountain of Credibility(TM) and show you how to GET the freedom you deserve with his Freedom Rules(TM) process and teach you how to GIVE back so you can realize Big Impact Giving(TM).  




You will be able to take his teaching and put it to work for you - immediately!



How does it work?

This is a process. It is a process of discovery and dreams. It is a process of analysis and quantification. One that leads to clarity, focus and impact. One-on-one coaching takes place over the course of six months or a year.

The commitment produces accountability and sustained momentum.

Mike's Grow Get Give Coaching program consists of:


  • Discovery through the Total Quantum Impact  process

  • Live brainstorming sessions 

  • Coaching based on Mike's proprietary Grow Get Give training 

  • Face-to-face coaching 

  • Regular phone/video calls

  • Email based materials review, idea sharing and marketing input

  • Mastermind groups with our Grow Get Give Coaching family

  • Breakfast With Mike - virtual group sessions every Wednesday

  • Access to all training, workshops and events

  • Future VIP events access

  • and more...

* Includes all aspects of the EFC except the specific council coaching offers.

Grow Get Give Coaching Program

"I want you to know how much I appreciate MY FIRST step to building my Mountain of Credibility.  What you do is powerful, and you make it seems so simple…"

- Sheryl Lynn, CEO & Founder, JOYLEY STUDIOS

"Mike’s insights and coaching helped bring clarity to my overall mission and strategy. Mike helped me to focus on what projects are worthwhile and which are not. I would highly recommend Mike’s coaching services, especially if you find yourself being overwhelmed."

- Tony Steuer, CLU, LA, CPFFE, Chief Content and Financial Education Officer at Paperwork, Author, Podcaster & Financial Wellness Advocate

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