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If you are an independent contractor, consultant or sole proprietor, this exclusive small group training will help you grow your business marketing skills and confidence by growing with an exclusive community.

If you own an agency, brokerage, professional services business or clinic, then you need to get the best out of your contractors and support them through unbiased unconflicted confidential training.

Group training is for those who are looking to learn from someone who has had success and work alongside others to grow their business, get more freedom and give back. 

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Exclusive to Mike's Grow Get Give Coaching family members.

The greatest marketers and business minds in the world, people like Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, have said that Masterminding with other thought leaders, business leaders and like-minded entrepreneurs is an opportunity to expand your thinking.


There is no greater power for business leaders than that of the Mastermind.


This interactive teaching format will allow you to interact, network & learn with like-minded business owners on a reccuring basis.

"...I would recommend Mike to anyone who is ready to 

work hard and succeed."  

- Launa Germiquet, rejuvenation coach and founder of Unique Potential. Author of "Getting UP!"

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