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You be You. Never compromise.

Contrary to the marketing advice I give…to speak about your client and not yourself...this one is about me. You might find things you agree with or even are living right now. Maybe this will help you, maybe it won’t.

I admit. I have struggled. Yup, I said it. I have struggled during the pandemic.

But first let’s look at the good things that have happened and I am grateful for:

1. Helped my coaching clients through their darkest days when their business futures were in doubt. They are thriving today.

2. Offered calm, experienced guidance to friends, family and colleagues who needed to talk, get support and maybe even some humor during their uncertainty. Did this 24-7 for a couple months.

3. Adapted and launched new offerings to serve people with training that helped them doing some of the things I do best

4. Deepened my connections with family

5. Increased my fitness and health

6. Connected with the outdoors

7. Made new online friends and resources across North America

8. Learned how to use new technology, applications and systems

Seems like a pretty good list. One that I am grateful for and don’t have much to complain about, really.

But I have struggled. You see, I wake up every day with a burning desire to help mid-career entrepreneur owners who want to make a big impact, but know they need some work on their business first. They just aren’t sure what they need. I know I can help and feel a sense of obligation to share the wisdom I’ve gained over the past 30 years. I’ve got the accreditations, walked the walk and talked the talk. Had successes, failures and more successes and learned directly from some of the smartest people in business, finance and philanthropy.

The problem is, I am not serving enough people. I am an energetic person with tons to share…and an enormous capacity to add your challenges and opportunities to my to do list. The impact I chose to have in my life, will be realized when I help others realize their impact.

I have struggled, because I am NOT a discount offer. I am NOT everyone’s cup of tea and I care – a lot – about how I help others. There is no pivot. I will not be joining the race to the bottom with everyone else who will give their talent for free. That is their choice, but you know what they say about getting what you pay for. They don’t help anyone else by doing this and they aren’t helping themselves, but the fallout will be realized down the road.

An intense amount of energy, money and time was the investment I made to gain the wisdom I can give to others. It wasn’t free for me and it won’t be free for you.

I choose to stick to my guns, to shift back to my unique ability, to stop chasing funnels, special offers, specially crafted Linked In connection requests, stupid freaking Facebook ads. Don’t let anyone ever tell you what you should be. You should be you. Learn what that is and what you’re passionate about and be that. No compromise.

Embracing your unique ability will separate you from the crowd, will raise you above your competitors and give you great reward. I am who I am. You’ll get everything I can give and I’ll carry your weight on my shoulders. You can get all kinds of things from others, but if you are a mid-career entrepreneur owner struggling to make your impact and want a great business and fulfilling life, then my small group coaching and one-on-one coaching could be right for you.

To find out how the entrepreneur owners in our Grow Get Give Coaching family are succeeding and thriving today, growing their business, getting more freedom and giving back, just email me at

Our exclusive four person, small group coaching, six month training programs, start every month. But for a transformative life and business experience get customized coaching and input by becoming part of our one-on-one coaching family. Ask me how today. Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Linked In or just check in at for more information.

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