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Why do you coach?

I invested $97 for a 1 hour conversation with Vaugn Pyne, who is a stellar guy, and new friend.

He worked as a corporate team trainer and professional emcee. I invested the money in the session he offered and I asked him to walk me through his coaching process. His first stop in the discovery was my ‘why’. We didn’t get further than that. He was someone who didn’t know me well, but was quite intuitive.

He dug in and asked me if the goal to redirect more and more money to charitable causes was so important, “Why don’t you just stay in the financial services business? It seems to be an effective platform for it.Why not just serve entrepreneurs instead of baby boomers in that role?”

He wasn’t altogether wrong, yet I did not want to manage investments any longer and I certainly did not want to be judged on the value of basis points versus wisdom and impact. Inspiring the minds and hearts of motivated people was my jam. The investment side got in the way of big ideas and even bigger impact.