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Who are you helping today?

GIVE back Friday.

Who will you help next?

A lot of the leaders I know got busy quickly in the first 60 days of this pandemic. They served and served and served and served some more. They gave freely and put the interests of their clients first. It is natural for those who lead to understand the value of early leadership in any crisis. The gift of calm, consistent, thoughtful, optimistic and considerate reassurance for those who need it saved mental strain and staved off the natural tendency of many people to run from the danger. As we know in investing and business, running from the fire is a sure way to miss opportunity.

Then what? Well, that was when the pivot happened…and a bit of exhaustion started to set in. Looking at their businesses, leaders began to reconfigure, adapt and grow, while learning how to serve their customers and stakeholders in a brand new way. This seemed to take a while and whether momentum was gained, efforts were misguided and abandoned or traction was realized, it carried entrepreneurs through to the summer and where we are today. In many cases, it appeared on surface to be business as usual, but we know it wasn’t. As the pandemic drags on we realize this is a much longer battle, where the wounded are staggering in and they are giving notice to us that there are many more like them still out there on the field. Start-stop, commit-pull back, re-open – close, school’s in…it’s out. The next few months will be a trial.

So, who you are helping now? Is it the business owner who finally has to walk away? What about the single mother who can’t even begin to plan her next 30 days because she doesn’t know what her kids will be doing? She doesn’t know if she’ll back working, staying at home or where her next full paycheque will come from.

How about the business owner who has come full circle to where they were when this whole thing started and now have no idea where there prospects have gone, or next client will come from? Financial support is being withdrawn, safety nets are being released and the noose is tightening, yet there is no work…or at least now it is different.

Will you be there for them?If you are well, your business is secure and you have you health, reach out to offer a hand, a leg up or a simple smile to those who need it today.

If you are a mid-career entrepreneur owner struggling to make your impact and want a great business and fulfilling life, then my small group coaching and one-on-one coaching could be right for you.To find out how the entrepreneur owners in our Grow Get Give Coaching family are succeeding and thriving today, growing their business, getting more freedom and giving back, just email me at

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