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Save the Date..

You were invited to a presentation by one of your favorite clients. Her exclusive business group arranges to have a speaker present every month and quite often the event leads to plenty of activity between the group and the speaker in the following weeks. These are motivated people who value the words and wisdom of the authority in the room. The topic this time was in your field of expertise – something you know very well. You haven’t attended many of the events, but out of curiosity, you decided to accept the invitation as a guest of your client.   

Sitting there in the crowd, listening to one of your competitors deliver helpful information to people you would love to work with, you wondered, “Why him? Why wasn’t I invited to make this presentation? The value of being the subject matter authority in the room is HUGE! Guest speakers garner immediate endorsement and access to opportunities. Something you won't get from simply sitting in the crowd. The same goes for Zoom events. You can be the featured guest or one of the many 'boxes' in the room, but it's the featured guest that earns the business.

How do they do it?

Well, it is largely because of their credibility. They are trusted, liked and believed in. But how does this happen when it is clear no one knew them before they stepped onto that stage? It seems like magic but it isn’t a trick.

There are important secrets that can be learned to move you from “face-in-the-crowd” to “front-and-center”. When I figured out how to build instant credibility, it was magical. I call this the Mountain of Credibility™

Moving from sitting in a chair to standing on the podium was powerful and created significant business opportunities for me, just like it will for you. 

I was recently asked to once again take center stage and share some of the secrets to building your very own Mountain of Credibility™ so on Oct 21st, 2020, please save the date.

I’m going to teach you how to get in front and stay top of mind with the people you want to serve.  Stay tuned for more event information in the coming days... Talk soon! - Mike. 

p.s.  A reminder that every Wednesday, I host an entrepreneurs breakfast LIVE on Zoom via the link below!  Pencil in 7:30 AM Pacific Standard Time and join when you can. We talk recent news, challenges, inspirations and motivation!  See you inside! Here's the link to join - every Wednesday - 7:30am Pacific time / 10:30am Eastern:

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