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Re·sil·ience: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Toughness, a.k.a. a "thick skin".

This is not to be confused with perseverance or determination. Resilience is that “thick skin” developed over the years, built layer by layer, experience by experience. Calluses on your hands build in time through use, as the stresses of the world impart its force upon your once soft and supple skin. The hardening and thickening of your dermis are important protection for your hands. It provides resilience to the elements you are exposed to. Calluses are not destructive - they are designed to protect your body and reduce sensations, to enhance performance. They grow to allow you to continue to work at whatever it is you are doing. The resilience is adaptive, not limiting.

Our daughter, Madison, also trains and fights as a Muay Thai fighter. Her hands have developed calluses as she has gotten stronger, but what always