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Monday Madness - Why don’t your customers know how great you are?

If they only knew, they could benefit a lot…and in turn, your business would thrive. For impact-minded entrepreneur owners, this is one of the biggest things on your mind. You have worked hard to position you and your business for success, and it has worked to a point. But you know there could be more. Entrepreneurs are never fully satisfied because we view life as a journey of growth and achievement. For many of us, success is also viewed through our impact. If our business is not where we want it to be, if we’re not serving enough people, or don’t have enough time, we simply feel we can’t have the big impact we always wanted to.

Instead of “Why don’t people know how great I am?” how about we shift our thinking to “How will we let people know we can serve them better than our competitors?”

When you go through your week, reposition any frustrations you might have about sales and challenge yourself to learn ways to position yourself top-of-mind with your prospects and customers, showing how they will benefit from working with you. It is not how good you are, but how good it is for your customers. This summer, let’s work on your business. Not slave away in it, but actually do some thinking work while you manage the impact of this pandemic, combined with the needs of your business along with a little enjoyment.

Throughout the week, I am going to share a lot. In fact, I’m giving you something every day that you might use personally or professionally. Mondays: We’ll dig in to the madness that you are experiencing and developing a shared outlook to how you might be able to tackle the things that are challenging you.

Tuesdays: GROW your business with my Mountain of Credibility™ training.

Wednesdays: We’ll GET your more freedom, looking at your quality of life with my Freedom Rules™.

Thursdays: It is about the GIVE back. For you, your family, community and the causes that matter to you. We’ll cover ideas from my Big Impact Giving™ process you can start today.

Fridays: Well, I’m going to top the week off with some help for you. I’m not going to spend all week highlighting issues, opportunities or challenges without giving you something to do. Solutions, ideas and action are on tap to close out the week.

Saturdays: You deserve some entertainment. Let’s just say during the week I get piles of information and witness a lot of things that drive me crazy in my industry, in business in general and even in society. To say the least I need an outlet for my energy, so let’s say my Saturday commentary will be somewhere between observation and rant.

Why am I doing this? Well, it is what I know. To give back to you in a way that will help you in your business and in life.

Ask me how our Grow Get Give Coaching family members have been succeeding growing their business, getting more freedom and giving back.

Just email me at Our exclusive four person, small group coaching, six month training programs, start every month. But for a transformative life and business experience get customized coaching and input by becoming part of our one-on-one coaching family. Ask me how today. Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Linked In or just check in at for more information.

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