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Give Back. What have you done for yourself lately?

What are the things you do for you to care for yourself?

During the pandemic, I incorporated many things into my days and weeks to ensure that I was giving back to myself in small and big ways while I was supporting my clients, family and friends.

The biggest gift I received from me was the gift of fitness. You see, I love to mountain bike and we live in one of the best (and most extreme) places in the world for this. By giving myself time to exercise, and permission to step away from work daily, I gave myself an opportunity to improve my health and my skills. Through intense activity, I indulged myself regularly with dopamine and serotonin that elevates happiness.

Beyond stimulating my neurotransmitters, there were many more benefits I received from this gift. They included increased awareness, better sleep, and appetite for the right foods as fuel. And, since I spoke about this already this week, the time I spent expending the most energy, on my bike, or riding the hardest, or fastest and treacherous terrain brought me into a flow state, where I could completely clear my mind. There was nothing else but the moment.

Hey, I’m not all fitness and nutrition. By giving myself the gift of biking, I also allowed myself a drink of my favorite craft beer and some chocolate most evenings. Live well, be well.

What will you give yourself this summer?

The sooner you learn Big Impact Giving™ the more you will be able to do for you, your family, community and the causes that matter most to you.

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