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Get ready to grow personally and professionally at Squamish business summit

Inspiring. Transformative. Successful.

Those three words best describe two days in Squamish sure to change the lives of a collection of entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, experts, marketers and business owners attending the Sea 2 Sky Summit.

Hosted by renowned business coach and author Mike Skrypnek, the event on Oct. 7-8 at the Executive Suites Hotel & Resort is an opportunity to be among a group of like-minded people seeking to grow professionally, personally, and at the same time make a great living.

“The summit is geared to help people think differently about the way they operate so they can grow more and get more freedom,” Skrypnek says.

“There’s a mantra I have to live life, and that’s Grow, Get, Give. It’s a call to make a bigger impact in your life, your family, the surrounding community, even the world at large through the joy and fulfillment from your work and life.

“That’s what I want to pass on to people at the summit.”

Prior to attending Skrypnek's past summit events, many had already enjoyed success, but at a cost.

Their work had compromised other areas of their lives, and they didn’t have a road map to help free up and make themselves more efficient and successful.

Skrypnek says he acted as their guide.

One of his clients was working seven days a week and used tools he acquired during the summit to provide himself with a normal weekend and an additional day per work week away from his day-to-day roles, while increasing his fees by 40 per cent.

“Talk about improving your quality of life,” Skrypnek says.

A key to his client’s transformation was removing personal limitations and connecting his passion and purpose to the action needed to make him successful.

“I provided him with clarity on why he was working the way he was. And then he was able to remove all those things that kept him from succeeding,” Skrypnek says.

He was then given a road map to get from where he was to where he could succeed. And he understood what his real value was, based on knowing the importance of the service he provided customers.

“By doing those three things he was able to raise his prices, decrease the amount of time he worked and spent more time enjoying his family, his life and being creative to build a better business,” Skrypnek says.

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