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Friday Solutions. Small things that make a big difference

I've been speaking with so many entrepreneurs who are absolutely excited about their next steps. They can't wait to tell me about their new podcast, their book project, sales funnel, training course, or their cool marketing ideas. They are throwing so much stuff at the wall and hoping something sticks.

The "new" online world we live in has been filling our heads with all the things we need to right now, but made the assumption, or even overlooked some very fundamental things that are crucial to success.

Before you go off launching that next big idea or campaign, or invest in that podcast, take time to re-think some very important aspects. Write down why you are doing what you do. Speak to the passion that gets you up every day and connect it to purposeful actions that move your forward. Then give your customer another thought. When we're excited about OUR own big ideas, we often lose sight of who our ideal client is and what is important to them.

Take time to write down your ideal customer description again. Then go out and talk to a few of them. Ask them what they like, what concerns them, what their struggles are and how the see their ideal future. Listen to them closely and learn their words - their language. Do this first, and then you will know if that next marketing tactic, or podcast, or book project or whatever, will be right for your business and your ideal customer.

Measure ten times, cut once, and even ask the wood how it would like to be cut before you start sawing away. Have a great Friday!

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