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Business and Giving Go Together

Dan might not have coined the phrase “mission heart” but his passionate commitment to leading others to fight cancer and support those grappling with their struggle with the disease is admirable. ⁠

Early on as I was building an investment business focused around the simple goal to guide $1 million to charitable causes each year, we worked together on projects that really did make a difference. ⁠ Dan’s business savvy and mission heart reinforced in me that the two can co-exist and his faith in what I was doing helped remind me that doing good things while making money in business was okay too. ⁠ I worked with baby boomers that were driven by a need to give and we made some massive philanthropic impact. As I shifted my attention to entrepreneurs, I held that standard and raised the bar to serve only impact-minded business owners who want to #give back. ⁠ .⁠ 👉 My book Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life is your road map to success in business and life.Make space in your life for new people by: opening your time, energy and mind. ⁠

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