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Battle scars

Battle scars are not to be earned where avoiding them can be learned. Every self-made person will tell you about the potholes they have stepped in on the road to success. Their “rite of passage” gigs. The battle that left scars. You listen, admire their courage and determination and it is imprinted in your mind that to be successful you must experience similar life challenges to rise above them. However besides telling a meaningful and interesting story, the successful entrepreneur is sharing a cautionary tale. They are proud of their success in spite of, not because of, the missteps. They are resilient due to overcoming the challenges, but not happier for it. You see every pothole consumes TIME and ENERGY. Two things every successful business owner would love to have more of. Listen carefully, learn and grow from the wisdom of what they did well. Steer clear of the potholes and avoid those scars.

Start learning. Start living your GROW, GET, GIVE life today!

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