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Next Events:

Sept 17, 7:00 pm, Speak 2 Sell, Squamish, BC - Aligned Collective

Sept 18th, 7:00 pm, Speak 2 Sell, Whistler, BC - TBD

Next events:

Sept 12, 3:00 pm, Sea 2 Sky Mastermind - Aligned Collective, Squamish, BC

Sept 20, 8:00 am, Next Level Mastermind, Squamish, BC, Aligned Collective


 At our monthly Speak 2 Sell, Everyone who wishes to, gets to speak. When offered the stage - you take it! Our speaking times are designed to be a perfect fit for business owners and entrepreneurs. 

 Rehearse Your pitch, your commercial or your keynote stories in concise speaking times are available. New people pay a drop in fee, and members get priority speaking spots. Our group size is limited, so everyone who wants to, speaks every time. 


Our community is full of like-minded entrepreneurs who share, sell and entertain. We share our love for speaking and selling with anyone who wants to listen. There are simply not enough live formats for speakers to rehearse, pitch and promote. Our monthly club is a great stage. 


Audience members are not professional coaches and thus no critical input is allowed. Mike will offer some great ideas, tips and tricks for speaking and selling each event. There are also one-on-one times for coaching available - just ask. Mike always says, the best feedback is immediate.

"You can really tell if your material is landing because you will

see the audience nodding...or nodding off"


Your fellow Speak 2 Sell members are there to lift you up. Encouragement and engagement is requested, allowed. Mike always says the best feedback is immediate. 

Mike offers advice and input to help you improve. One-on-one coaching with Mike is available for anyone.

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Our business Mastermind group will consist of a minimum of 6 members and a maximum of 12 members, to start, on a closed membership basis and membership will include speakers club. Your annual membership investment is only $249/month, or just $2,499 if you invest in-full, up-front. Our first Mastermind session is in January. 

Speak-2-Sell Club can be accessed by people outside of Mastermind, for a small annual membership fee of $249 for the year – even on a drop-in basis (first time is a nominal “attendance fee” – must be a member for subsequent participation). Sea 2 Sky Mastermind Group members access the club FREE

Speak-2-Sell Club can accommodate up to 20 per evening/month.

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