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Lessons of healing from childhood trauma; finding happiness, love and success for male leaders




UNLimited WORTH Keynote Speaking and Training

Mike’s keynote and training are delivered to audiences on the following topics.


For general audiences, men’s health and wellness groups, as well as, recovery, addiction, suicide prevention, men’s childhood abuse support groups and family programming:


The Story of UNLimited WORTH


Mike shares the story and lessons from his forty-year journey starting with childhood sexual abuse and culminating in suicidal ideation that led to important and profound healing. Learn how a successful business owner, entrepreneur and community leader suffered in silence, as the hard-wired patterns from trauma limited his life and the emotions that were connected defined him and how he chose to heal over death. You’ll hear about the awareness and treatment that fueled his transformation so he could experience happiness, success, and love. Mike shares the key to realizing your UNLimited WORTH.

"That was brilliant. I mean really brilliant. You are a powerful presenter" - Elaine Sugar

"Thank you Mike, powerful" - Stig "Steeg" Rahm

"You are so incredible to speak about your experience. I admire you so much and I know you help so many others...."

- Noeleen Kelly. 

"Mike was a guest speaker for the Men's Mental Wellbeing Summit. His professional and inspiring ways made working with him so easy.

His communication was on point, and he submitted all the assets ahead of time.  

As a speaker, Mike surpassed my expectations. His recorded and live talks were so fluid and motivating, sharing his story, being interactive with the viewer by asking questions, and getting the listener to think, these are just a few points that stood out to me....

I strongly recommend Mike as a contributor for any event on personal development, mental health, mindset, or simply for inspiration."

 - Julz Vitality, Publicist and PR Manager, at http://DigitalPR.Works

For those who work in the board room, the locker room or the green room. From executives, C-Suite leaders, business owners, pro-athletes, to musicians and entertainment industry top performers:


The Secret to Top Performance


Mike shares that even the most successful executive, athlete, or entertainer will sense that they are not living up to their full potential. Mike shares his story and lessons learned that will help you identify the subconscious limits that are hard wired in your brain’s neural pathways holding you back. Once these patterns are identified, strategies for reprogramming can be planned and implemented. The result is a universal shift in energy that removes all limits and expands your potential so you can realize your UNLimited WORTH.

After hearing Mike share his insights, you will be able to:

  • Identify the true cause of your real or perceived limitations

  • Effectively use tactics and strategies that will help you overcome your subconscious limits

  • Make breakthrough improvements in your personal and professional relationships

  • Drive unlimited performance, while realizing your total worth and potential

  • Trust yourself to lead and attract people who support and promote your initiatives and/or causes

  • Give, receive and radiate compelling personal energy and love


"I want to thank you for presenting at our MEGA Global Wellness Event. I first heard you presenting at another event and your communication skills were impeccable and your sincerity was even more impressive. When you presented at the event for my non-profit, you delivered again. You were vulnerable yet commanding and powerful. Honored to have had you. Keep up the great work!"

- Elaine Sugar, Global M.A.P.S. Event , Event Coordinator


 "To reach millions of men with this important message, I'm launching my book & speaking tour now, the UNLimited WORTH podcast went live in June and you'll find me doing guest appearances on podcasts, TV, radio and other streaming media."





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