Speak-2-Sell Club

To sell is to speak. Mastering the art of public speaking is paramount to success for entrepreneurs. When given an opportunity to present your story, your pitch or explain your business, it pays to be rehearsed and prepared.

Speak-2-Sell Club is the perfect format. Speak to a live audience in a safe and positive environment. Practice and perform to perfect your pitch, your “commercial”, keynote or story. Speak-2-Sell Club is an awesome place to work on your material.

For committed & passionate entrepreneurs & business owners only!


Squamish Club meets every third Tuesday 7pm - 9pm
Whistler Club meets every fourth Tuesday 7pm - 9pm


To register for a single Speak 2 Sell workshop is $20...or to register for an entire year for just $199!


For more info email: info@mikeskrypnek.com

WORKSHOP-Speak 2 Sell Session- Sea to Sky Corridor

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