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Be Kind

Be kind to you, your family, to your community, and the causes that matter most to you.

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

Work hard, care more,” said Leeza Gibbons, Emmy award-winning TV host, incredible product spokesperson, and winner of the Celebrity Apprentice. She is arguably one of the highest profile “nice ones” in business and TV. She is a humanitarian who owes her success to being kind and decent in life and business. Her belief about work comes from her upbringing and her mother who lead by example, teaching Leeza principles like, “show up and do your best and let go of the rest”. Doing good and doing right by people is a powerful way to win over, persuade and enjoy fulfillment. Of course, this is persuasion by genuine service and caring.

Leeza certainly understands that nice people can finish first by being kind. It is a recipe for success. Make no mistake, she is not a pushover and is a shrewd businessperson. It is possible that having business savvy and a no BS approach is consistent with treating people honestly and decently.

Kindness is simple. It takes altruism, compassion and vulnerability. Too often people want to belittle or find fault. They are inclined to disparage those who are successful. Wealth need not come as a result of sacrificing others or your goodness.

When you consider the phrase, “kindness is the currency of influence” it is not ill-intentioned or strategic. To be influential one must be genuine. When you are genuine, you are honest. Honesty allows others not to simply trust you, but to trust in your word and your intentions. Market economies thrive when the participants trust the agreements they make and are clear about the intentions of counter parties.

Entrepreneurs live with risk all the time. The risk of new ideas, big investments, or new marketing is uncertain enough. If you throw in the risk that people won’t be true to their word, or they will mislead you, then simple business risks are amplified and often become too great. Entrepreneurs are susceptible to people with bad intentions, as we are optimistic, visionary and hopeful that we might be able to achieve bigger success.

If someone is skilled at convincing you with lies or half-truths, or is simply disingenuous, agreements break down and the exchange of energy, money or services is risked.

Kindness eliminates an important risk of dealing and as such, people and businesses will be more inclined to work with you and you will be more likely to have the influence – or impact – that you seek.

Work hard, care more.” It’s a great motto, it’s a great way to be, and when push comes to shove, when you’re put into a situation of struggle and challenge, then be kind in how you deal with it and how you deal with people. Make Leeza’s motto yours.

— Published on January 27, 2020

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