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"Male aloneness is male disease"

- Frederick Marx, Academy Award nominated "Hoop Dreams" Producer


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"The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are." – C.S. Lewis. 

Men are suffering depression, stress and loneliness at an unprecedented rate. Male suicide rates between age 30 and 60 years old have risen and 4 out of 5 suicides of all people in that age range are men! The isolation of the pandemic, a shift to online interactions, a generational shift and changing or evolving roles we play in leadership, in the workplace and at home have increased our desire to find community and connection with other men, while lowering our inclination to take the first step. The primary causes of all male deaths include heart attacks, heart disease, pulmonary disease, cancer and systemic illnesses. Stress, depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, substance abuse, and unfulfilling social connections are all direct contributing factors to the top things that put men's lives at risk.


"A men's social group is the most inexpensive and enjoyable way to begin reducing our mortality risk."  

Men WORTH Meeting has been created to bring men together who will benefit greatly through interaction. 



Our Men WORTH Meeting FortisBC Energy Inc. fellowship is open to male employees working and living in the camp for the Eagle Mountain - Woodfibre Gas Pipeline Project.  

The premise is simple.

MWM is

  • A casual, structured bi-monthly get together in-person most often, for a beer, wine, coffee & or tea in a social setting where you can engage in conversation about ideas or current events, with other men at Fortis who share common ground, similar responsibilities, but not always the same viewpoints. And occasionally to try a new healthy endeavour, skill, or wellness (physical or mental) related activity

  • To enjoy facilitated discussion about most everything from business, activities, finance, personal or professional interests and even current affairs – locally or globally.

  • To add value to other men with perspective, knowledge, community, network and support. 

  • To build trust in a group of men who will have your back, look out for your best interests and respect your confidentiality. 


What MWM is not:


  • This is not a self-help or support group –  although there will be plenty of support for anyone who needs it.

  • This is not a confessional of traumas or challenges – although it is a space that it is welcome and encouraged if you need to share.

  • This is not a mastermind group – although you’ll likely come away with some great ideas and contacts from time to time that will help you personally or professionally

  • This is not book club – although reading is encouraged and sharing what you’ve read is too.

Men WORTH Meeting will consist of:

1. Two group in-person meetings per month (every second Tuesday 7pm to 8pm, location tbd – discussed at each gathering) - groups will be limited to 12 men maximum & there will likely be multiple groups. 

2. One master Man WORTH Meeting session per month with a guest speaker. (This will open to our North America wide online-only members as well.) - this session will be recorded with a playback option if you cannot attend. 

3. Occasional physical wellness (fitness or relaxation) or fun activities (outdoor adventure, experiences, or unique indoor skills session). 

4. Mentorship opportunities - coming fall 2023

5. Future hosted activities and events

In-Person Monthly Group:

Bi-Monthly 60-minute in-person meeting:

The 2nd and 4th Wednesday (exact date/timing to be determined) of each month 6:30pm PST to 8pm. 

Wednesday Feb 15th, 7pm PST to 8pm Venue: Locavore

Wednesday Feb 25th, 7pm PST to 8pm Venue: Watershed Grill


Monthly online Man WORTH Meeting guest speaker:

The 4th Tuesday of each month 

Jan 24th , 3:00 pm PST to 4:30pm PST

Feb 27th , 3:00 pm PST to 4:30pm PST

Zoom meeting details will be sent to members in advance


2023 Online Only - North America-wide 

The 3rd Tuesday of each month 6:30pm PST to 8pm. 

Tuesday Jan 17th, 3:00pm PST to 4:30pm Venue: Zoom

Zoom meeting details will be sent to members in advance

Tuesday Feb 21st, 3:00pm PST to 4:30pm Venue: Zoom

Zoom meeting details will be sent to members in advance


Monthly online Man WORTH Meeting guest speaker:

The 4th Tuesday of each month

Jan 24th , 3:00 pm PST to 4:30pm PST

Feb 27th , 3:00 pm PST to 4:30pm PST




Our in-person MWM group will consist of a maximum of 12 members per group . 

Your membership investment is only $35/month

All that is required on or before your first meeting first $ 35 investment. Reserve now. 

Our online MWM group to be launched in 2023 will consist of a maximum of 120 members. 

Membership investment is only $35*/month

When we invest and commit, we attend. You have the option to commit to three months or one year. This small investment in MWM is "skin-in-the-game" and demonstrates your willingness to step up alongside other male leaders.   

The investment covers administration and operating the monthly sessions, future activities, events and the annual retreat will require additional investment accordingly.


*All investment is in USD. 

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