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grow get give fit

Phase FIVE: FINAL PUSH Jan 2nd thru Jan 18th (MoW)

This is it, your final push to the MoW Crucible. You are fit and strong and trained by now, what our goal is in this final push is to push you to your highest performance thus far, then give you a taper week to recover and regenerate so you will be ready to go for your five day journey. 

The schedule is done on a day-by-day basis:


Monday Jan 2: 

1a. Do your 2 mile run

1b. Add 1/2 mile more run with sprint 20 secs, jog 20secs, sprint 20 secs, jog 20secs, walk 30 secs, jog 20 secs, spring 20 secs, jog 10 secs, sprint 20 secs, walk 10 secs sprint 10 secs and jog home.

2. Do your Kettle Bell Workout

3. Cold Plunge

4. Heavy bag workout (below)

Tuesday Jan 3: 

1. Do the HIIT class at gym

2. Do Strength Workout (3 sets, work for 30 secs, rest for 10 secs, repeat no breaks)

a. Incline bench dumbbell press

b. Upright Rows - kettle bells (1 in each hand)

c. Hold dumbbells overhead in press position and do deep wide stance squats

d. Cross bench dips

e. Bicycle crunches 30 secs, flutter kicks 30 secs, star crunches 30 secs (repeat 3 times, only ten secs of rest in between trio)

3. Heavy bag workout (below)

Wednesday Jan 4: 

1. Do conditioning class at gym 

2. Do one minute of box jumps - as many as you can

3. Do one minute of walking farmer carry - grip 35 lb barbell plates with each hand 

4. Heavy bag workout (below)

Cold Plunge

Thursday Jan 5: 

1. Do the lower body HIIT class ur 2 mile run

2. Do chin ups - as many as possible (3 set) and finish with one minute full extension overhand grip hang

3. Heavy bag workout (below)

Friday  Jan 6: 

1. Do the HIIT workout at gym

2. Heavy bag workout (below)

3. Cold Plunge

Saturday Jan 7: 


Sunday Jan 8: 

1. RUN 3 miles

2. Ruck 50 yard hills (up and down repeats for one hour - no breaks)

3. Heavy bag workout (below)


Monday Jan 9: 

1. Do HIIT training at gym only

Tuesday Jan 10: 

1. Yoga and Stretching only

Wednesday Jan 11 

1. Do HIIT conditioning class at gym 

2. Finish with 50 push ups and 50 box jumps

3. Heavy bag workout (below)

Cold Plunge

Thursday Jan 12: 

1. Long slow run/walk - 40 min to one hour

2. Stretch

3. Yoga

Friday  Jan 13: 


Saturday Jan 14: 

1. Heavy bag workout (below) - ONLY

Sunday Jan 15: 


Monday Jan 16: 

1. Maybe do HIIT training at gym only - travel day? 


1 minute X’s 1 round:     Mix up jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, body punches, etc.

2 minute X’s 1 round:     Mix up jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, body punches, etc.

3 minutes X’s 3 rounds: Jab only for 20 secs, Jab+cross for 20 secs, Jab+cross+head hook for 20secs,

jab+cross+head hook+head hook for 20 secs, jab+cross+head hook+head hook+ body straight punch 20secs, jab+cross+head hook+head hook+body str punch+body hook 20 secs, Punch mix for balance of time (60 secs)

Rest 1 minute

End with:                        100 speed jabs/punches (R & L hands)

(No rest)                         50 head hooks

                                        50 body hooks  


Week one: - overload

Focus is on elevating to exhaustion, compromising sleep and demanding more tolerance of discomfort

Week two - taper

Focus is on interspersing activity and rest, using a combination of complete rest, low intensity cardio and short burst activity. Rest, Repair, Rejuvenate, Re-Energize.

grow get give fit - f-u-e-l & re-fill 


UP YOUR CALORIC INTAKE! Roughly 3,500+ calories per day - this is an average. We do not want to focus on weight loss, just continued shift to lean muscle mass.

Approach your whole week as a caloric intake - so up to 23,500+ calories per week.

begin to add back some salt intake, continue proteins AND fibre rich carbs while increasing complex carbs - pasta, potatoes, rice. 

HYDRATE - always. Keep the water flowing, my friend. 


grow get give fit - training insights

Our goal in phase FIVE is to elevate your intensity to maximum effort/stamina then begin a brief taper to prepare, rest and rejuvenate you for your MoW Crucible experience. 

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