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The biggest dreams catch fire with a spark

Be selfish and GIVE

For a limited time, and ONLY on Fridays, you can access exclusive one-on-one coaching with Mike at an incredible rate.

Of course...there's a catch.


In order to GET this valuable time, you must GIVE.

Remember when you were starting out, or getting your business off the ground?

All those times when you were stuck trying to figure things out on your own.

When the words of someone who had travelled the path before would have come in handy?


Years ago, Mike shifted his attention to coaching to share the wisdom he learned in wealth management from his successful baby boomer clients who had been there, done that...and they had plenty of regrets.  

Now Mike shares their wisdom with the people they were, twenty years earlier. 

Until the end of 2021, Mike will GIVE his coaching to mid-career, entrepreneurs, business owners, thought leaders and executives like you at the rate of $149 for a one hour, one-on-one session.

But wait!

You must pay-it-forward to someone who might not be able to afford it, or maybe didn't think coaching would be available to them.

When you commit to your coaching session with Mike you MUST nominate someone to get a FREE coaching session.  

You get coaching at an amazing discount AND the person you nominate gets coaching for FREE. That's it. No hitches. 

You are only able to take advantage of this twice before the end of 2021...and only on Fridays!

Even Grow Get Give Coaching Clients wanting to participate must invest to pay-it-forward.

Mike will open his schedule with more daily options for your nominee(s). 

So, let's review:

1. You invest $149 in a coaching session with Mike

2. You nominate another entrepreneur, business owner or leader who can use some help

3. You GET one-on-one coaching to help you with your biggest challenge or opportunity

4. Your nominee gets a FREE one-on-one coaching session to help with their biggest challenge or opportunity.

5. You make a cosmic ripple

Be the spark that lights the fire in another entrepreneur's dream.  

Book your Grow Get GIVE-BACK coaching session with Mike today.

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