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You might think of great writers like Mark Twain, Tolstoy, J.K. Rowling, Tolkien, Stephen King or Hemingway when thinking about books. Those are pretty big boots to fill and if you’re thinking of writing your book, it can be pretty intimidating. They are considered some of history’s greatest writers.


They wrote because it was their calling.

More books were written by people who would not be considered authors – until they published their books - more correctly, until they published their stories. What is your story?

Celebrities. CEO’s. Star athletes. Scientists. Political figures.

Oprah, Phil Knight, Wayne Gretzky, Stephen Hawking, Barack Obama. Why did they write their books? They surely didn’t need to publish for the fame, or did they?

They knew that being an author elevates your status in your marketplace and solidifies your credibility. Even for the famous. They were great authors.

When I understood that my goal was not to be a great writer, but a great AUTHOR, I was able to think about things differently and save time and a lot of money.  

IF you want to get started on your journey as an author, you have to put some great habits in place. Click on the document below for [novelli's] Ten Auhtor Habits That Work

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