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Joining my LIVE small group training with online Zoom Media video to help you grow while the world shrinks is exactly what the doctor ordered.  



There’s not enough straight talk today, so I’ll get right to the details. BEFORE you sign up and pay for the FULL training, you get me to yourself for just a $97 investment - $27 of which, I will donate back to charities making life easier for those who will suffer most under these COVID-19 precautionary actions. You and I will have a live Zoom video discovery coaching session to find out the most critical opportunities or challenges you face in your business right now. You’ll share. I’ll listen. And we’ll come up with action steps for you to take.


BUT WAIT! If the next step is to join our group training, I'll turn $97 to $197, by applying that bonus amount as a credit to your 90-Day program. Good deal? GREAT deal!

Sign up now for your live Zoom video discovery coaching session with me today.






















This is a 90-day online program.

With your one-time investment of only $1,970!  

You get:

NINE live online Zoom Media video training sessions (three per month),

plus ONE BONUS expert guest session.

Training support materials and special free offers for you during the course.


Automatic access to our coaching family community.

The perks and preferred rates for events, training, coaching and other programs or activities with our family are priceless. Our community of entrepreneur business owners is the best way to network and grow.  

BEFORE you consider my group training program, let’s figure out if it is a good fit for you. In fact, you really can’t do the course without this first step anyway.


Sign up now for your live Zoom video discovery coaching session with me today.

Please Join the Waiting List for Mike's 90-Day Grow Get Give Summit Training 

 90-Day Grow Get Give Summit training program:

  1. Grow your wealth with my Mountain of Credibility™ training.

    1. Learn to position your business and unique offering to predictably attract your ideal clients

    2. Learn the tools that allow you to build the Mountain of Credibility(TM) that puts you at the top of mind in your market and build barriers to your competition at the same time

    3. Understand it is not what you say, but how you say it. Message coaching, speaking and media preparation allow you to share your awesome message. ​

  2. Get more out of life by following my Freedom Rules

    1. Protect your time, give yourself permission to be unavailable and ​other secrets will give you freedom.

    2. The RIGHT people will set you free. Learn how to identify, attract, hire and train the people who will give you freedom.

    3. If you can't explain what you do as a process, you will never be free (and you don't know what you're doing). I'll teach you to be a business owner and ditch the "job".

  3. Give for more impact, to you, your community and causes that matter by learning your own Big Impact Giving™ process.

    1. YOU are the most important person in your life. If you are not well, others will never benefit from what you have to give. Learn secrets to be well and be your best.

    2. Giving can happen today. Learn how your passion and desire for impact is good for business.

    3. Kindness, giving and gratitude give you instant connection. Learn the secrets to why these things allow you to make your big impact in the world.   

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