I'm on a mission to ensure the next generation of boys become better men than the one before. In order to do that, today I am focusing my efforts on helping millions of adult men and the families who love them realize their UNLimited WORTH. 

We must give good men the space they need to break their silence and heal.  

The darkness of depression and plans for suicide lead to the healing that inspired me to step into the light and take up the cause to normalize the narrative. 

Men keep their childhood trauma a secret for an average of 24 years. In fact, men you perceive to be successful industry leaders, pro-athletes or artists suffer in silence. The emotions that define us and the patterns that limit us are embedded by trauma and must be released before we can heal.

Men with childhood trauma live below their potential

Limited by their past and inability to deal with it.

I kept my secret of childhood sexual abuse for forty years! It defined everything I did and I never knew it. Only through treatment was I able to become aware and heal.

EMDR saved me. It is miraculous. 

 To reach millions of men with this important message, we must address all aspects to encourage men to speak up and seek help. Yes, it is that simple. Break their silence by sharing with just ONE person whom they love and trust, and ONE person who is a trained professional in healing trauma. 

The UNLimited WORTH Society will do this through:


Mike's story is powerful. His plainspoken approach to incredibly uncomfortable subject matter inspires open discussion and connection for men who need support and those who wish to share their mentorship.  Mike's  keynote presentations and breakout sessions share a forty year journey that led to healing and ultimately wholeness. If you get anything from time with Mike, he hopes to normalize the narrative, so that men create space for other men, change the culture of mental health stigma, secrecy and patriarchy.   

Some non-profits, men's groups, and family support associations simply can't afford to have a speaker like Mike Share. The UNLimited WORTH Society helps corporate and executive clients pay-it-forward by funding this effort every time they book Mike to speak.





Mike offers executive leadership training to industry leaders in the board room, locker room and green room. A percentage of all fees generated from this work with top performers, goes to fund access for men in the areas of mental health, recovery and grass roots entrepreneurial training and personal development.

In conjunction with organizations like Stigma Free Society and The Centre for Suicide Prevention, we offer and promote structured educational programming, presentations and content for men and women, boys and girls.   


Breaking their silence on childhood trauma is one of the most difficult things a man will do. That rare moment could be the difference between suicide and living. Choosing to reach for help is the first step to healing and becoming whole again. This moment MUST NOT BE LOST.


Although the UNLimited WORTH Project is determined to normalize the narrative, men typically don't reach out for help when they're doing ok.  Usually it takes insurmountable pressure to squeeze the secret out of us. At that time, we aren't doing well personally OR financially.  

There should never be a barrier to access quality treatment at that time. It is an urgent, life or death matter. The UNLimited WORTH Society helps to fund access, professional training, or even supplemental financial support if needed to change the life of good men seeking treatment.