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Are You Credible?

Have you ever seen the movie The Godfather? I feel it really was one of film history’s best portrayals of mafia life. 

You know, to be inside the mafia family, meant you were a “made man”…considered “one of us”. This family placement protects you and gives you a trusted seat at the table and privy to inside knowledge and dealings.

This is the organized crime example of acceptance by virtue of your reputation.

Otherwise known as earned credibility.

While living the mob life is definitely not the goal of most law-abiding folks like us, being an insider and considered “one of us” most certainly has its perks. There are many ways to gain such credibility in your own company as well as the boards and associations you may join (and even in your own family) however when it comes to your ideal clients, it's more common to be kept on the outside. It's those who access the inner circle that gain amazing opportunities.

When I chose to rebuild and reposition my business back in 2008, the affluent families and charities I wanted to serve didn’t know me, didn’t trust me, or any of my peers for that matter. I don't think they were even sure if they liked me! So, I had to earn the chance to speak with them.

In all honesty, these ideal clients viewed me as the “fox-in-the-henhouse” and I was well aware of it! My goal was to help them make a big impact. So I persisted. I read a ton of books, hired the best coaches and built networks to get close and build trust. Along the way, I found the secret. It was credibility. 

Once I figured out credibility, I learned how to build my very own Mountain of Credibility™ and position myself to be viewed as the subject matter authority. I became a resource. Which then turned a five minute client meeting into a ninety minute conversation with my new seat on their side of the table.

On Wednesday, Oct 21st, I will be sharing my secrets to building your very own Mountain of Credibility™

I will demonstrate your path to instant credibility so you can predictably serve the people you want to help and make the impact you hope for.  Join me at The Mountain of Credibility LIVE event to discover your way. WHEN: October 21, 2020, at 10 AM MST WHERE: Virtual Event hosted on Zoom.

P.S. This is a free event so feel free to share with your family, business colleagues and team! 

Coming through this current economic shock is going to take all the tools we've got and, using the tips shared in this event, anyone can build their credibility to stand out from the crowd.

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