Build a mountain of credibility

Stand atop your mountain. Become credible in the eyes of your customers. Authority positioning is a blend of experience, expertise, and perception. Your experience allows you to position yourself in a market where your expertise can be leveraged by customers who perceive you to be the most credible authority on the subject. Building your mountain of credibility can be done in many ways and you must start now if you wish to secure your position as the subject matter expert in your chosen field or marketplace. [Watch Mike tell the story]

Building and climbing your own mountain of credibility is the key to gaining top of mind positioning with your prospects and clients. In the 60+ years since Sir Edmond Hilary and his Sherpa, Tenzig Norgay, were the first to reach the summit of Everest, over 4,000 people have successfully done so, over 300 people have lost their lives attempting, and quite literally, billions of people have never even tried. When someone says they’ve climbed Everest, we are still in awe of their achievement. In fact, that adventurer becomes instantly credible for somehow more than just the physical act of climbing the mountain. They become credible for things outside of their area of expertise. For example, if they were mingling at a conference of jelly bean flavor testers, and were asked their opinion of the chemical blend that makes bubble gum flavor possible, anyone within 20 feet would stop to listen to their insights on the matter. It is amazing.

Hear Mike tell this story: