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Topic: Maintain Business Continuity – It’s Time to Drive and Thrive

Special Invitation to a C-Suite Network Thought Leaders Video Discussion


Today’s obstacles create today’s opportunities. While everyone else waits for tomorrow, leaders act in the moment.


I would like to invite you to attend a special, interactive gathering of thought leaders, authors, coaches, trainers, speakers, consultants, and podcasters to discuss winning strategies to overcome the newest obstacles before us. Feel free to pass the invitation on to a fellow thought leader. 


As the world adapts the pace of business amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s critical to maintain business continuity. We must drive and thrive!



C-Suite Network Thought Leaders Video Discussion

Thursday, March 26 @ 1:00 – 2:30 PM EST


Please register in advance for this exclusive video discussion.



WHAT: An interactive presentation for thought leaders, authors, coaches, trainers, speakers, consultants, and podcasters to provide key strategies and opportunities out of challenges in the everchanging COVID-19 pandemic and overall business landscape.


WHY: The C-Suite Network and its brands – C-Suite Network Contributors, C-Suite Radio, C-Suite TV, and C-Suite Book Club, are committed to the growth of its members and remain supportive of business continuity. The C-Suite Network community provides opportunities to drive and thrive during challenging times.


The first 30 minutes will feature time-tested tips, steps, and strategies to overcome any obstacle facing you and your business.


This session will include a C-Suite Network Thought Council/Contributors-led panel for an interactive discussion, followed by brief strategies from knowledgeable thought leaders and experts from a variety of industries.


Then we will lead an interactive, crowd-sourced discussion featuring notable experts from the C-Suite Network – Contributors, TV and radio hosts, and our Book Club roster.


Come learn, share, and cheer!


Join us to discover:


  •                     Why now is the best time to start a podcast

  •                     The one thing that can find new targets for speaking gigs

  •                     How to pivot your canceled events to virtual presentations

  •                     Jump starting your coaching practice and build an online community

  •                     How to digitally build and monetize your community

  •                     Why you should create an audiobook immediately

  •                     These and many others topics 



Please remember to register in advance. We are here to serve you and this helps us be better prepared.


Looking forward to a productive and collaborative discussion next!





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