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Topic: Maintain Business Continuity – It’s Time to Drive and Thrive

Special Invitation to a C-Suite Network Thought Leaders Video Discussion


Today’s obstacles create today’s opportunities. While everyone else waits for tomorrow, leaders act in the moment.


We invite you to attend a special, interactive gathering of c-suite leaders to discuss winning strategies to overcome the newest obstacles before us. Feel free to pass the invitation on to a c-suite colleague.


As the world adapts the pace of business amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s critical to maintain business continuity. We must drive and thrive!


The program will consist of two parts:

  1. A brief presentation of strategies and tactics you can implement in your business today

  2. An interactive discussion featuring Hero Club CEO members presenting key industry insights relevant to any high-growth business



C-Suite Network and Hero Club Video Discussion

Wednesday, March 25 @ 1:30 – 2:30 PM EST


Please register in advance for this exclusive video discussion.


WHAT: An interactive presentation for executive and c-suite leaders to provide key strategies and opportunities out of challenges in the everchanging COVID-19 pandemic and overall business landscape.


WHY: The C-Suite Network and the Hero Club, are committed to the growth of its members and remain supportive of business continuity. The C-Suite Network community provides opportunities to drive and thrive during challenging times.


The first 30 minutes will feature time-tested tips, steps, and strategies to overcome any obstacle facing you and your business.


This session will be followed by a Hero Club CEO-led panel for an interactive, crowd-sourced discussion, followed by brief strategies from knowledgeable C-Suite executives and experts from a variety of industries.


Join us to learn:


  • Ways to drive and thrive with positive leadership and strategic thinking

  • Market update and industry specific reporting and actionable recommendations

  • Great leadership in the face of the current challenges

  • Lessons from past market disruptions due to major events

  • How to purposefully employ business continuity in your organization 

  • What the future of work and events looks like

  • Anticipating and adapting to new business needs and approaches

  • Tips for managing and motivating a distributed workforce

  • Strategies to implement to reach top decision makers 


Please remember to register in advance. We are here to serve you and this helps us be better prepared. 


Looking forward to a productive and collaborative discussion!





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